Welcome to the first DigitalHealthUptake (DHU) Newsletter!

As you may know, this EU-funded project started in November 2022 to accelerate the adoption and large-scale use of digital health and care solutions in Europe.

We have been working non-stop to:

📊 Map and analyse the adoption and use of digital health and care solutions 

🤝 Create collaborative ecosystem to facilitate demand-side and supply-side exchanges 

🌍 Stimulate mutual learning and transfer of innovative practices between regions and Member States 

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For this edition, we're interrupting your summer plans (in the best way possible) to bring you these unmissable opportunities:
  • 🔄 Call for twinnings: €96.000 in funding for innovative health solutions. Apply before September 13
  • 🌐 DHU Radar: Save this platform to matchmake your solutions/services with potential customers.
  • 📌 Save the date for key events to connect with digital health experts and enthusiasts looking to further develop the use of digital health solutions and services 
  • ...and more!
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👀 Do you have an innovative digital health solution focused on patients or care practitioners (digital health education, mHealth systems, patient feedback tools, telemedicine, etc.)?

💡 DHU's Call for Twinnings is offering nearly €100,000 in fundings to transfer your practice from one European region or country to another.

📅  Apply before September 13


👨‍⚕️ Are you a healthcare organization, SME or technology provider with a digital health practice worth sharing?

📝Publish your solution or service in the DHU Radar Repository and reach interested adopters or inform the digital health community.

🌎 Don't miss the chance to showcase your expertise and add your practice today!


Why DHU can make a difference?

📺 Digital has been transforming key sectors in Europe, making them better & more efficient. The healthcare system is no exception.

💡 Here's a sneak peek into our DigitalHealthUptake project's contribution to accelerating the adoption of digital healthcare solutions
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DHU Report: Tools to support digital health solutions implementation and uptake

The newest DHU working paper identifies methods and tools to implement and scale-up digital health, providing a framework for further exploration and collection through the DHU Radar, aiming to support the adoption needs of different stakeholders and measure overall digital maturity in the digital health ecosystem. Read the report

Futurium - Active and Healthy Living in the Digital World

DigitalHealthUptake joins forces with the Active and Healthy Living in the Digital World initiative, a dynamic hub empowering individuals, to embrace an active and healthy lifestyle at every stage of their life through innovative digital solutions.

DHU x Radical Health Festival in Helsinki

Don't miss these key insights from the DHU session during the ECHAlliance Nordic Ecosystem Gathering:

  1. Uptake in 5 years requires shared standards, overcoming fragmentation, and agile action. 
  2. Key barriers include knowledge gaps, limited digital skills, data security, and immature solutions.
  3. Urgent actions include pushing innovative procurement, developing creative models, and embracing a bold mindset to drive uptake.


Thinking of applying to the Call for Twinnings? Get all the answers you need by reading our Frequently Asked Questions! Discover how the Twinning process works, eligibility criteria, key dates, and more.

Don't miss out on this helpful resource to make your Twinning application a success! Read the complete FAQ


📌Save the Date (See al events here):

  • 18-22 September (TBC) | Join us at the EHTEL-DHU online webinar "Scale-up methods from the supply side"

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Consortium meeting in Bonn

In May, the DHU consortium discussed how to improve synergies and sustainability, maximize stakeholder collaboration, and develop tools to support the implementation and uptake of digital health solutions.

Follow our progress!

As DHU is a 2-year project, we still have many things coming up. Stay uptaded on the latest developments via our website and social media. You don't follow us yet? This is your chance to join us on LinkedIn and Twitter!

DHU Radar Update

In the next months, we'll be conducting an in-depth analysis of all published practices in the Radar, providing high visibility to the most promising ones. Need assistance adding your practice? We can support you! Reach out to us at info@digitalhealthuptake.eu 
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